“Eva and James made this arduous process much simpler.”

“Olivia and I were clients of James and Eva.  I will call them “the team.” (more…)

“As a team, James and Eva compliment each other very well.”

“When we first decided to move to from New York to San Francisco and buy a home, a friend of ours recommended that we get in touch with one of his good friends, James Shinbori. (more…)

“Every single thing they said was followed up on, nothing was left undone, everything was thorough and every detail was taken care of.”

“Perhaps you are in a similar situation as we were a few months ago. (more…)

“James and Eva stood out like stars.”

“For years, we never understood why people really needed real estate professionals when buying or selling a house. (more…)

“James and Eva were fantastic throughout the process.”

“We had the pleasure of working with James and Eva to recently sell our property on Waller Street. (more…)

“The results were truly remarkable.”

“I am writing to provide some reflections on my experience both selling my home and purchasing a smaller condo in San Francisco with the help and support of James Shinbori and Eva Stoyanov. (more…)

“They have passion and love for what they do and have a fresh perspective on client solutions no matter how challenging.”

“Once upon a time, there were 2 born and bred San Francisco natives. (more…)

“James and Eva are at the top of their field.”

“I was introduced to Eva Stoyanov and James Shinbori by way of a recommendation from a previous client of theirs. (more…)

“They both demonstrated an extremely high level of competence, knowledge and energy during the long search process.”

“We spent months looking for the right home after we relocated to Northern California. (more…)