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Professional Staging

Regardless of current market conditions, it has been shown time and time again that a well-prepared home will sell for a higher market price and in less time than unprepared properties. One study found that staged homes usually sold in half the time and, on average, for almost 5% more than unstaged properties.

Your home has just one chance to make a great first impression with each potential buyer!


Price it Right

Statistics show that the sooner a property sells after going on the market, the higher the sale price. As illustrated in the chart below, the majority of homes with offers accepted within the first 30 days of going on the market are selling above asking price. Conversely, those homes on the market more than 100 days sold for an average of 88% of the original list price.

  • Price it right to begin with.
  • Prepare the home to show in its best possible light.
  • Implement the most comprehensive marketing plan possible.
  • Hire an agent who knows how to negotiate effectively on your behalf.

VIEW CHART — “Price It Right”

What you can and can’t control…

What You Can’t Control

  • The past (what you paid for your home at purchase)
  • The size, location and general amenities of your home
  • General economic circumstances
  • Local market conditions


The Listing Presentation Agenda

  • Our first goal is to discuss your priorities, preferences, requirements and timeline for selling your home. I understand how personal selling a home is and I want you to be clear in outlining how I can be of most help and service to you.
  • How am I a good fit for you? We will discuss my qualifications as an agent, and what resources I have available to me to achieve your goals.
  • (more…)

The Dangers of Overpricing

“One crucial aspect of selling a house is correctly establishing its initial asking price. If a seller prices a house near its fair market value, the house usually sells quickly for top dollar. If, on the other hand, a seller grossly overprices a property, it tends to linger on the market…Ironically, instead of getting more money… [Over-pricing] usually stigmatizes a property and reduces the eventual sale price to less than it would have been with more realistic pricing.”
– House Selling for Dummies

An Agent’s Fiduciary Responsibility

For most, the home is one our biggest financial assets. Its sale is typically one of the largest, most complicated and most emotional financial transactions to undertake. As an agent, I take that responsibility very seriously.

20 Agent To-Dos for Your Open House

The open house is typically the first time a prospective buyer sees your home. It’s vital that your home is marketed comprehensively.

  1. Radius-mailing invitation to neighbors for 1st open house
  2. Flyer delivery or email announcement to selected agents most likely to be working with buyers for your home (for 1st open house)
  3. (more…)