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Tech Hiring Expected to Soar in 2012

“Technology companies in San Francisco say they will hire in excess of 8,000 people in the city this year, according to a survey done by a new industry group called San Francisco Citizens Initiative for Technology & Innovation (”

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SF Tech Jobs Climb Near Level of Dot-Com Peak

“As technology companies’ soaring valuations draw comparisons to the dot-com days, a new analysis highlights another similarity: The number of tech workers in San Francisco today is nearing its peak in 2000.

The city had an estimated 32,180 tech jobs last year, compared with 34,116 in 2000, according to an analysis of state employment data by real estate consultant Jones Lang LaSalle. In 2004, the number of tech jobs had fallen to 18,210.”

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Want to buy a house, but too much credit card debt? New StartUp helps…

“Name: ReadyForZero

Quick Pitch: ReadyForZero is a free online financial tool that lets you track credit card debt, explore options, and make and follow a plan to eliminate it.

Genius Idea: Public, anonymous snapshots that help issuers verify users’ credit card balances.

ReadyForZero co-founder and CEO Rod Ebrahimi had a light bulb moment when his girlfriend, who recently earned a doctorate and racked up $24,000 in debt, turned to him for help with paying down her credit card debt. At the time, the couple used a makeshift solution — just your run-of-the-mill spreadsheet — but Ebrahimi realized that her challenge was a universal one.”

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Tenancy In Common Dispute Resolution

“Over the past 20 years, residential Tenancies In Common (TICs) established themselves as an affordable pathway to home ownership in an otherwise unaffordable San Francisco marketplace. TIC ownership offered a solution to the City’s vexing condominium conversion rules, which allow for easy and affordable conversions, but require a waiting period before conversion can begin. As a short-term bridge to condo ownership, problems inherent in TIC ownership were tolerable, often even invisible and thousands of 2-6 unit buildings were transformed from tenant-occupied investment properties to owner-occupied homestead. However as the waiting time for condo conversion has lengthened from 3-5 years to over 20 years, the challenges of long-term TIC home ownership have become more apparent, heightening the need for a clearer understand of how TIC disputes are resolved.”

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2011 TIC Disputes Brochure

Today Show 3/16 – Barbara Corcoran: SF is #1 for Housing Recovery

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After 5 years…

In 2009, its 5th year in business, Paragon…

  • #3 in unit sales
  • #4 in dollar volume sales
  • Lowest in Days on Market as Listing Agent (of top 10 brokerages)
  • Highest Sales Price to original List Price percentage as Listing Agent (of top 10)
  • Average home sales price: $929,000

2009 Real Estate in Review

December 2009 Newsletter: Real Estate in San Francisco

It has been an interesting year in real estate, and it continues to be a very interesting time for home buyers and sellers in San Francisco. Below are a number of charts which review the city’s market from a variety of angles.

The data below is from sources deemed reliable but may contain errors or omissions, and is not warranted. Sales not reported to MLS (such as many new-development condo sales) are not reflected in these statistics.

Paragon Real Estate Group


The Simple Truth: Paragon Newsletter

Paragon Real Estate Group

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Sales Price to Original List Price Percentage
This chart shows the average percentage of original asking price achieved upon sale when acting as listing agent. It is a truism that if the property is priced, prepared and marketed well, and the purchase contract is negotiated effectively, it will sell quickly at its highest possible price. When even a half percentage point in sales price equals thousands of dollars, Paragon agents average 5.6% above the city’s average sales-price-to-original-list-price percentage. On a $500,000 home, 5.6% equals $28,000; on a million dollar home, it equals $56,000. In this analysis, the home sales assessed are capped at $3,000,000, because at the higher end, most sales prices are confidential, which distorts the statistics.
Paragon Real Estate Group

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Average Days-on-Market
This chart shows the average number of days it takes the listing agent to secure an offer acceptable to the seller on transactions which then proceed to a successful close of escrow. Again, if a property is priced, prepared and marketed effectively, typically buyers feel a sense of urgency to act quickly — with strong, clean offers. Paragon’s average days-on-market figure as listing agent is 4 weeks below the city average. Price the property right; prepare it to show in its best possible light; market it comprehensively; sell it quicker; sell it for more money.
Paragon Real Estate Group

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Average Sales per Agent
Founded in 2004, Paragon is already consistently in the top 3 or 4 San Francisco brokerages in both dollar volume and unit sales. This chart illustrates the fact that Paragon also has the highest average number of sales per agent of any of the top 10 companies. According to the San Francisco Business Times, Paragon also closes the highest average number of sales per agent of any residential brokerage in the Bay Area with at least 100 agents. It’s not that we have more clients; it’s simply that we’re more effective at helping our clients achieve their goals in real estate.
Paragon Real Estate Group

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Changes in Market Share
Year over year, Paragon had the largest increase in market share of any of San Francisco’s largest brokerages. When the market went into a tailspin after last year’s financial markets crash, we simply kept working and stayed focused on helping our clients with the purchase and sale transactions they needed or wanted to complete, doing our best to get them the best possible price and terms. That is our fiduciary duty.
Paragon Real Estate Group

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Characteristics of a Good Agent
What does a good agent actually do for his or her client? We find that most people really don’t know. Here is a link to a list of those characteristics we believe a good agent incorporates in his or her practice. We believe it is these characteristics that lead to the best possible end result for our buyers and sellers. As the above charts make clear, if we take care of you, our market share takes care of itself.
Characteristics of a Good Agent

Seeing San Francisco From a Different Angle – NY Times

November 27, 2009
Seeing San Francisco From a Different Angle

SAN FRANCISCO — As fires raged downtown after the 1906 earthquake, residents of this city fled to two nearby districts to the south, Bernal Heights and Glen Park. Though part of San Francisco, both areas looked more like countryside then, with open ranchland, vineyards and orchards, dirt roads and wetlands, and a few houses. The windswept peaks above Glen Park were called Little Switzerland.

Many of the earthquake refugees wound up settling there, (more…)