“You really get two dedicated real estate agents for the price of one.”

“We consider ourselves very discerning, intelligent consumers.  With the wealth of online tools these days, I questioned the need for retaining the services of capable real estate agents.  When we first set out to buy a home in 2008, we quickly realized that buying a home in inventory-strapped San Francisco was far more challenging than we had originally thought.  Now, we are absolutely certain that we would not be the proud owners of a beautiful new home if it weren’t for the excellent service that Eva Stoyanov and James Shinbori have provided us.  Lesser agents would have put our security deposit and the chance of owning the perfect home in jeopardy.

Our situation was complicated with several atypical and unexpected hurdles. For starters, we live in Los Angeles, so buying in SF was exceptionally challenging.  Although I knew the SF market very well, James and Eva are extremely knowledgeable and experienced in working with SF’s unique properties.  They became quickly attuned to our personalities, priorities, and preferences with respect to our ideal home and nimbly identified properties that were a good value, were unique, and were a “good fit.”  Their expert feedback was important and valuable when good inventory is so rare in SF and the process of buying a home causes so much hesitation.

We had a very strict budget, however, the sellers expected a much higher price than we could afford.  James and Eva effectively navigated us through the negotiation process, which resulted in a contract that worked for us.  They were firm and persuasive when
advocating for us, yet due to their courteous and respectful approach, they never alienated anyone on the other side.  Those skills were crucial for us getting the deal we wanted.

Lending was very difficult, especially since we don’t live in the area.  We couldn’t find a single bank to give us a loan, but luckily James and Eva had a list of brilliant mortgage brokers and one of them was able to make the impossible possible.  In addition, we encountered several snags during financing, but they communicated and collaborated with our mortgage broker to help get the job done. Their consistent and efficient communication with our mortgage broker and escrow agent went above and beyond the call of duty and really made the difference in this transaction.

A unique aspect about James and Eva is their seamless work as a true team.  Their chemistry is immediately apparent and this paid dividends for us.  We recall on one weekend, James was out of town and Eva took over without skipping a beat.  You really get two dedicated real estate agents for the price of one.

Despite the challenges and occasional frustrations that came with our unique transaction, we were extremely satisfied with the service and support we received from Eva and James. Whether it was answering our countless questions via email at midnight, climbing on the roof to do an informal inspection, going door to door to seek out potential alternatives when it seemed our house would not close, or getting more involved with financing than most agents would, they broke their backs making this deal happen for us.  James’ and Eva’s dedication, experience, professionalism, and amazing work ethic more than made up for the fact that we were trying to buy a home 350 miles away.  We are more grateful than words can express and will highly recommend them to our friends and family.”

-Jeremy and Denise Roberson