“Working with Eva, and James has left us with “we more than got our money’s worth.”

“Over the last couple of months we have learned how (in)valuable it is to have truly professional, passionate real estate agents in your corner, particularly in a competitive market like San Francisco. We have purchased and sold properties in a few cities prior to this, and were generally left with the question, “what did we just pay _% for??” Working with Eva, and James has left us with “we more than got our money’s worth” and they actually kept the process (mostly) enjoyable some how.

We had actually interviewed another team recommended to us, and while we weren’t particularly impressed we thought that it makes no real difference. About a day before signing however, we got one passionate recommendation for the team from a coworker, basically telling us we HAVE TO at least talk to them. We did, and were immediately impressed that they wanted to check out the place and talk prior to presenting, something that scored credibility points over the other team who just came over and told us how it is without prior contact. The presentation was informative, eye opening in a few ways, and we learned that we were also misinformed on a few things by the other agents (most notably, we were told that stagers would not work with couples with toddlers, not so.)

In the process of staging, we were taken back by the level of detail that we got into in preparing our condo for staging/sale. Must say that it was much more work than we had anticipated. However, it was well worth it in the sale price, and when we couldn’t manage prep jobs between 2 careers and an 18 month old, they came over to meet people, and even rolled up their sleeves and pitched in. We’ve never seen or expected that, and it was a huge help at crunch time.

It is easy to say that we have a great place/location, it is a hot market, or attribute things to marketing online or luck, I know we did. But what we saw in this sale is that a significant portion of our profits (and sanity) coming out of it, we can attribute to this team. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.”

-Marc, Lena, Morgan