“They were always available throughout the whole process”

“We wanted to let you know how happy and satisfied we were working with Eva and James in our recent (May 2010) purchase of our new home in San Francisco.  We’ve been working with them since October of 2009 and they have been amazing.  There are so many reasons why we would recommend this great team.

1. Most importantly, we were not easy clients as we changed directions frequently – we can’t remember how many times we changed our minds about location, pricing, house condition (fixer-upper vs. updated), etc… My wife and I were always amazed with their patience, flexibility, professionalism, resourcefulness and insight.  They accommodated our changes and gave us all the necessary data points needed for us to make the decision.  Not once did we feel pressured about setting our offer price – but we went into every offer with full knowledge.

2. They have tremendous experience in this industry (although their age may not show it!). They will provide very valuable information on any repairs needed, any renovations, potential for upgrades etc…

3. They were always available throughout the whole process – from giving their data and opinions on prospective places, to looking at houses after 8 pm, to finishing up documents after hours etc… And again not once did we feel rushed.  They were always calm and collected which made us feel at ease in every step of the process. They were with us even at closing for help.

4. They presented all our offers in a unique way taking into consideration our pricing, demand on the house.  Their professionalism, knowledge and pleasant personalities affected the other agents/sellers and worked to our advantage.

Apart from the professionalism – both Eva and James were just great people to be around and to have around during our home-buying process. We trust their knowledge and assessment of the market.  We have experience with several real estate agents and we are extremely happy we do not need to look any further.  We look forward to having them represent us in the future.”

-Aimee & Serkan Munsuz