“They both demonstrated an extremely high level of competence, knowledge and energy during the long search process.”

“We spent months looking for the right home after we relocated to Northern California. This would be our third house purchase, and we thought we knew what we were doing. We first narrowed down favorite neighborhoods, then prioritized our needs and desires (size, rooms, garage, etc.), and then started comparing available properties that met our criteria. If only that was all there was to it! We now know that the right realtors make a world of difference.

When we met Eva Stoyanov and James Shinbori, we had already viewed more than 80 homes. Those properties that sounded great on a website description often did not suit our needs, due to layout, location or other factors.  Once we explained to Eva and James what we were looking for, they were able to use their vast knowledge of the city to refine those areas that were suited to our needs, and they were able scout houses for us that were appropriate – saving us countless hours looking at places that weren’t quite right for us. We knew that if they looked at a place and didn’t like it for us, neither would we! Eva and James were also able to use their network of contacts to get us into houses before they were on the market – a real benefit in the SF market we experienced, where desirable properties were often sold within days of being listed.  When we were ready to make an offer, Eva and James used their experience and insight to help us prepare an offer that succeeded in a bidding war, negotiate offer details, and schedule and understand inspections.  They both demonstrated an extremely high level of competence, knowledge and energy during the long search process.

More importantly, James and Eva were an outstanding team, working tirelessly on our behalf, when our mortgage loan process hit a problem.  When the bank failed to timely provide loan documents, it created an unexpected and unusually long delay, causing us significant anxiety. That was when we truly realized the value that James and Eva provide.  As we scrambled to rearrange moving dates, they reassured the sellers and negotiated an extension of the offer, kept in constant contact with our mortgage financier and escrow officer to speed the process along where possible, and then dropped everything to be with us at a last-minute closing. Eva was our champion crusader –she sought and obtained answers and realistic timelines from the bank. James was our “go to” source of information, advice and emotional support – he was able to keep us calm and focused during an incredibly stressful situation.  Throughout the process, Eva and James displayed a high level of professionalism and focus, balanced with a healthy sense of humor, that got the job done AND maintained our sanity! Thanks to the hard work and dedication of James and Eva, we are now delighted to be settled in our new home.  We don’t hesitate to recommend their services, and we hope that you will give them the opportunity to be your real estate team.”

Rayla and Darren Boyd