“In addition to being supportive, you were professional, courteous and knowledgeable.”

“This letter is to thank you for representing us in the sale of our home on Springwood Way. We would like to take this opportunity to let you know how much we appreciated your support throughout the process.

We choose the term support because you not only acted as our agents, but you also went above and beyond on several occasions (e.g., replacement of the broken light fixture, cleaning up the yard area, providing towels and a comforter to brighten up rooms, coordination of installation of the central heat system).  This was invaluable to us
as we had recently relocated out of the Bay Area and management of the property remotely would have been a challenge.  You took this stress out of the equation!

In addition to being supportive, you were professional, courteous and knowledgeable.  As we all know, the market has been less than optimal and the selling of a home in this environment comes with a new set of anxieties for the buyer and the seller.  With that said, you appropriately managed our expectations, kept us informed on a regular basis and worked with the buying agents in a professional and courteous manner. We felt that this led to decreased anxiety and, ultimately, increased confidence.

From day one, we felt that if any team was going to sell our home, it would be the two of you.  I am happy to report to my friends and family that you proved us correct.  The truly amazing part is that you did it in just 2 short months – 1 month under our deadline!

All of these positive qualities were apparent to us at the time of our first meeting.  You continued to demonstrate these qualities throughout the entire process which, we believe, led to the successful sale of our home.  We thank you for everything!”

-The Hebert Family