“I can’t tell you how happy we were that we had Eva and James on our side!”

“This is the testimony of two very satisfied clients of James Shinbori and Eva Stoyanov. In July of 2008, James and Eva became our real estate agents and helped us to accomplish a 1031 “reverse exchange”, a very complicated transaction that involved buying one home and selling another within a six-month period. We are not particularly adept at business matters and knowing nothing about real estate tax law, we needed truly knowledgeable, trustworthy and helpful agents to guide us through the process and make it work. I can’t tell you how happy we were that we had Eva and James on our side! They explained the process thoroughly, gave us all the information we needed, provided us with a great selection of bankers and experts to choose from, and carefully guided us through the maze.

The first part of the process, buying the new house, was easy. The second part, selling the old house, was far more complicated. It was in this second phase that James and Eva really showed their stuff. They not only did the basics (represented us well, gave us good advice about everything from pricing to paint colors) but they also became thoroughly engaged in the process. They helped us make the house more marketable by guiding the renovation and introducing us to a good inexpensive contractor who could do the work fast and well. They found us a talented stager who made the home look irresistible. They marketed the house in the most innovative, clever and artistic way through their own beautifully designed website. All of the things James and Eva did were especially critical because we were selling this house just when the market took a downturn. We both believe that we would not have been able to sell it at any price but for James and Eva’s hard work, creativity and enthusiasm. They worked tirelessly to publicize and promote our property. They did everything so expertly that we got the asking price for the house.

Through every step of the way we were in the best of hands. So competent, so creative, so engaged and so wise about working with clients, James and Eva are the best. They not only made our house buying/selling easy, they made it enjoyable; they are such a pleasure to work with.

If we ever venture out into the real estate market again we won’t do it without them! We recommend them to all of our friends. We recommend them to you.”

-Julia Marshall and Leonard Hunter